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Category: Cyberwar

The White House, the Pentagon, power grids, all have been compromised

If these systems can be hacked no system is secure. You, your family, your company could be next. Why? Because, the technologies we depend on to secure our nation, drive our economy, run our companies and live our lives are all fundamentally insecure. In fact, these technologies, despite claims of security, are actually certified by the federal government as insecure;…

Cyberwar and Cyberterrorism

by Gen. Eugene Habiger Today, the Cyber Secure Institute published a whitepaper, entitled “Cyberwar and Cyberterrorism: The Need for a New U.S. Strategic Approach,” written by Gen. Eugene Habiger USAF (ret.), who formerly served as Commander in Chief of United States Strategic Command. He also served as the Department of Energy’s “Security Czar.” General Habiger’s whitepaper draws a number of…