The 5 best strategy games for Android

Strategy games are extremely fun to play because they allow you to deploy the best strategies to counter your opponents. It is also one of the most popular genres on Google Play. Strategy games have come a long way since their inception and nowadays strategy games offer great gameplay and solid graphics. Here are the best strategy games for Android in 2020.


Plague Inc is a classic management/strategy game. There is no question here of playing the good guys, the player takes control of a virus. The objective is thus that the whole planet is infected. Plague Inc, therefore, asks to create a virus capable of adapting to the many remedies that humans are constantly developing, of targeting fragile and strategic countries (crossroads, for example) and attempting to infiltrate the islands, generally the most isolated and hard to contaminate. Addicting and very addicting, Plague Inc. also has the luxury of being free to download on Android.

It should also be noted that due to the current health circumstances, the developers have announced that the next updates would make it possible to fight against a pandemic.


Among the master subgenres of strategy, we cannot miss Tower Defense. Kingdom Rush Vengeance is without a doubt the best title of its kind, available on smartphone and tablet.

In this opus, you play this time the “opposing” camp, the orcs to face the humans, the elves and the dwarves. You will have to prevent them from crossing the map thanks to your towers and your soldiers. The game is free to try, with in-app payments to complete the experience.


State of Survival is a mobile strategy game on the border between RTS (real-time strategy game) and Tower Defense on certain aspects of its gameplay. This game, we love it. Because beyond combining several styles of play, the graphics in zombies-end-of-the-world mode, are really cool. The goal of course is to survive in a devastated world after a zombie attack. Of course, you will have to build your camp (shops, buildings, buildings, etc.), find allies and defend yourselffiercely against the hordes. Your heroes are getting higher, you must constantly readjust your strategy. A must of its kind!


Party Game phenomenon from independent publisher InnerSloth, Among Us is a game that brings a certain twist to the classic “Werewolf” and that can consolidate friendships as much as it destroys them. Simple in its game mechanics as a crew member but extremely complex in its psychological aspect where bluffing and manipulation will be the key words of imposters, the gameplay loop is cleanly endless with three different maps and myriad ways of playing. apprehend them for both camps. A game without question to try with (very good) friends, much less with strangers. We hope to see a French translation arrive to better appreciate the game with the French-speaking community.


Battle of Polytopia is one of the best strategy games on Android. In this game you will lead your civilization in war and you will need to make sure that you have enough resources to win this war. You will also be responsible for training your warriors and sending them to fight other civilizations.

The game has two modes: single mode and multiplayer mode. In single mode, your objective will be to destroy all your opposing forces and get the highest score. Likewise, in Multiplayer mode, your objective will be to obtain the 10,000 score points and send your armies to conquer the capitals of your rival civilizations. You can play the game for free, but with in-app purchases.

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