The Cyber Security Institute

Is a newly established analysis and advocacy institute dedicated to serving as the voice for effective cyber security.

The White House, the Pentagon, power grids, all have been compromised

If these systems can be hacked no system is secure. You, your family, your company could be next.

Why? Because, the technologies we depend on to secure our nation, drive our economy, run our companies and live our lives are all fundamentally insecure.

In fact, these technologies, despite claims of security, are actually certified by the federal government as insecure; the National Security Agency and the National Institute for Standards and Technology have certified that these technologies are only secure against inadvertent and non-hostile threats. But the cyber attackers we face today are serious, sophisticated, technologically-advanced bad actors with hostile intent—the Chinese Military, the Russian mafia, corporate espionage spies, and disgruntled IT insiders.

We are in constant race between the hackers and the patchers (the IT staffers who run behind the hackers trying to fill the gaps as they learn of them). And, we are losing:

  • Every year cyber attacks cost the U.S. economy $226 billion.1
  • Every month identity theft affects more than 33,333 American children.2
  • Every day up to 5 million fraudulent phishing emails are sent.3
  • Every three seconds someone’s identify is stolen.4

This needs to change.

The goal of the Cyber Secure Institute is to help bring about that change. We will do so by raising awareness of the cyber threats we face; raising the bar for cybersecurity technologies, and driving the development and deployment of truly effective—cyber secure—technologies.

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4Cybersecurity and Consumer Data, Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, Committee on Energy and Commerce, Nov. 19, 2003.

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